In this year of restriction and constraints, we’re leaning into it with our first ‘miniature’ ISSUE 9, featuring all things ‘mini’: micro poems, prose poems, flash fiction, and much more. Introduced by our first ‘Letter from a Young Poet‘, by Will Harris, this small issue is packed with new writing by Rachael Boast, Truth Thomas, Dominic Leonard, Gerda Stevenson, Stewart Sanderson, Jennifer Franklin, and many more, as well as new translations of Julia Otxoa and Nordahl Grieg, a review of Natalie Diaz’s Postcolonial Love Poem, and miniature art by Salavat Fidai and Anya Midori.

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Letters to a Young Poet

George Szirtes, from Issue Eight, Summer 2020

Ruth Padel, from Issue Seven, Winter 2020

Annie Freud, from Issue Six, Summer 2019

Marwa Helal, from Issue Five, Winter 2018

Matthew Caley, from Issue Four, Summer 2018.

Patricia Smith, from Issue Three, Winter 2017

Lessons from the School of Night

Lesson #8: Fiona Moore Listen to the full interview.

Lesson #7: Sinéad Morrissey Listen to the full interview.

Lesson #6: Paul Muldoon – Listen to the full interview.

Lesson #5: David HarsentListen to the full interview.

Lesson #4: Douglas DunnListen to the full interview.