Thank you for your interest in The Scores.

We are looking for submissions of original – not previously published – works of poetry and prose in both English and the Languages of Scotland, as well as work translated into English. We want writers from all walks of life, all identities, all nationalities, published or unpublished. Submissions should be sent via Submittable, our submission manager (submissions sent via post or email will not be read). To submit and/or create your free account, click the link below.

***Due to the current health situation and the demands of shifting to predominantly online teaching at the University of St Andrews, our usual submission window (Sep–Oct) and Winter Issue (December) will be delayed a few months whilst everyone gets settled into this new normal. We will offer update just as soon as we know more. We cannot wait to read your work and so appreciate your patience. Watch this space!***

Please do us the favour of reading the submission guidelines for your genre carefully before sending us your writing.

We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you do us the courtesy of withdrawing your work immediately if it is accepted elsewhere (if you are submitting poetry, no need to withdraw the whole submission, just add a note to your submission informing us which poems are no longer available). We make every effort to respond to submissions as quickly as possible, but we are a small team and sometimes need time to give your work the consideration it deserves – we hope you understand.

We also ask that you submit only one manuscript per genre at a time – please wait for a response before submitting again.


ISSUE 8, EFL Special Feature:

By some rare coincidence, the current poetry editors of the Scores are two poets for whom English is a second language, but who write mainly in English. Helena’s mother tongues are Catalan and Spanish, while Marina’s is Italian through the Neapolitan and Veneto dialects.

For a Special Feature within the upcoming Issue 8, we are looking for English-language poems written by poets for whom English is not their mother tongue or the language of their formal education in school.

Submissions for the special feature:

Send us up to five poems and, in your covering letter, tell us about how you started writing in English and what your mother tongue is. We are not looking for translations of your work, but for poetry that has been originally conceived in English.

Looking forward to reading your work!

***Please note that we are still considering prose and poetry by native English speakers and translations for Issue 8; if this is you, please submit in the appropriate category above***


The Scores publishes all forms of poetry, from formal verse to prose poems, experimental forms, and poetry translated into English. Please submit up to five pages of poems (one poem per page unless longer than a page) in a single document (.doc, .docx, .pdf).

Please indicate in the title field if your work is a translation and include a copy of the original work (note that rights for translation must be obtained by the translator before submitting).


The Scores publishes all forms of prose fiction and creative nonfiction, including short stories, flash fiction, self-contained excerpts from novels, lyric essays, memoir, and prose translated into English. Please submit one piece of prose of no more than 5,000 words in a single document (.doc, .docx, .pdf).

Please indicate in the title field if your work is a translation and include a copy of the original work (note that rights for translation must be obtained by the translator before submitting).

Submissions in the Languages of Scotland (besides English!): 

The Scores publishes all forms of Scots Language writing, including poetry, prose fiction and creative nonfiction. Please submit one piece of poetry or prose of no more than five pages (poetry) or 5,000 words (prose) in a single document (.doc, .docx, .pdf).


Note: Every effort is made to respond to submissions as quickly as possible. That said, depending on our submission numbers, our response time may be slower. If you have not received word from us within six months, we are happy to respond to queries regarding the status of your submission.